Do you want to know about Me?

Yeahhh let me tell you


My name is Januar Aransyah, but in some situation i’m prefer write my name with “Djanuar” adding latter “D” on the first word of my name, i don’t know why, just feel more cool, awesome with old style name cause in Indonesia people were born in 70-80-s their use unique name with their spelling, for example of my name you still pronounce it with “Januar” without “D”. but please do not miss understanding,  i’m not born in that years, i’m born 92, so i’m still young hihihi.

okay that’s all about my name, let’s jump to other

i’m from the beautiful land, awesome land, gorgeous land, yeah that is Indonesia, if you has never been going to Indonesia, you should to travel here cause there are a lot of beautiful place that you can love it.

Currently i work for Insurance Company in Indonesia since 2014 till now, my professional skill is .NET (Desktop, ASP.NET, MVC, Web Service) and for Database i’m expert in SQL SERVER, i don’t know how expert i am cause i have’t get any certification for my professional skill in database but i was working with SQL SERVER since 2013. And i’m also use SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) for reporting business.

Why i made this ?

The more we share,
The more we have

- Leonard Nimoy

Yes of course,

the more we share, the more we have.

That what make me feel that i need to create this because share is caring, share is kind so i wanna share what i have, what i got, what i learnt.

I don’t know how big my articles will impact to you or help you in your project but i hope it will be useful for everyone who need it.

Contact Me

If you have any information or request about new article, you can contact me here januar.aransyah@gmail.com.